We Pay SALES TAX & SHIPPING THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2015! THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED! This is a fantastic offer and great deal on the American-made Ralston NPAK-2FBA-6-3 Nitropak! Nitropak, 1/4″ female NPT gauge adapter, 6ft, 3ft hoses, (2) 1/4″ MNPT process connections Self contained nitrogen source includes all connections and… Read more“HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Ralston NPAK-2FBA-6-3 Nitropak”

SPECIAL: MESO-H / -HX Universal HART-Compatible 2-wire Transmitters

SPECIAL EXPIRED ON OCTOBER 31, 2015 FREE SHIPPING THROUGH OCTOBER 31,2015! We Pay Sales Tax and No Quantity Limit!!! MESO-H/-HX are smart and universal 2-wire in-head transmitters for temperature and other measurement applications. MESO-H / -HX are fully HART-compatible, with communication through the HART protocol. Communicates with HART Communicator or PC… Read more“SPECIAL: MESO-H / -HX Universal HART-Compatible 2-wire Transmitters”

Special Pricing on BelGAS P39 Regulator!

SPECIAL PRICING HAS EXPIRED ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2015! BUT WE’RE STILL THE BEST PLACE TO BUY IT! 20% Discount!!! BelGAS P39 Regulator Spare valve disks provided. Each unit comes with a 4 seat valve disk block. This block can be easily rotated 90˚ to provide a fresh valve disk sealing… Read more“Special Pricing on BelGAS P39 Regulator!”