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Badger Meter Chemical and Petrochemical Solutions provide measurable performance that addresses the challenges of process efficiency, energy consumption and resource utilization.

Badger Meter Chemical and PetrochemicalHydrocarbon processing plants are looking to optimize the production of products with end uses ranging from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products, to synthetic rubber, automotive lubricants, plastics and fuel. These processes involve a host of demanding flow measurement applications.

Badger Meter understands you cannot manage what you cannot measure.
A worldwide leader in flow metering technologies, we offer one of the
broadest product portfolios for the chemical and petrochemical industry.
This includes respected brand names such as Dynasonics, Research
Control, ModMAG, Hedland, and more. From oval gear, electromagnetic,
turbine, and vortex meters to advanced control valves, our solutions will
help you improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of your operations.

Badger Meter offers solutions for:

• Chemical batching
• Dosing/blending
• Steam flow
• Lubricating oil
• Process cooling
• Pressure regulation
• Leak detection
• Waste treatment
• Emissions monitoring
• Fiscal measurement

Around the world, the demands placed on chemical and petrochemical facilities are on the rise. Operators can make critical decisions faster by capturing, managing and analyzing the right flow measurement data at the right time.

Badger Meter products are used across the entire hydrocarbon sector — from upstream production to feedstock for the intermediate stage and downstream processing — in applications ranging from catalyst injection and gas flow measurement, to batching and blending, custody transfer and fugitive emissions monitoring. We support both the efficient processing of high-value products and the safe operation of production facilities.


Chemical and Petrochemical Industry Challenges

To succeed in a competitive marketplace, chemical and petrochemical
manufacturers must deliver the right product on time, every time, as well as
capitalize on opportunities for new products and reduce production costs.

Chemical processing involves a wide range of corrosive, aggressive liquids
and gases, as well as extreme temperatures, viscosities and pressures. Flow
instrumentation is required to withstand these harsh operating conditions
while serving as a vital tool for efficiency and production optimization.
Chemical producers are seeking accurate, real-time flow data to reduce
resource consumption and make the best use of expensive raw materials.

With a growing focus on environmental conservation and sustainable
operations, the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions is also important
to all petroleum-related businesses. Another crucial application is custody
transfer, with increasing energy costs driving the need for greater flow
measurement accuracy.


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