ModMAG M2000 – Badger Meter

Badger Meter ModMAG M2000

Combining a general purpose detector with an amplifier, the ModMAG M2000 M-Series meter features a user-friendly, advanced design and is built for field verification testing with the use of a simple, handheld device.

The Badger Meter ModMAG M2000 M-Series  is the result of years of research and field use of electromagnetic flow meter technology. Based on Faraday’s law of induction, these meters can measure almost any liquid, slurry or paste that has minimum electrical conductivity.

Designed, developed and manufactured under strict quality standards, the M-Series meter features sophisticated, processor-based signal conversion with accuracies of ±0.25 percent. The wide selection of liner and electrode materials helps ensure maximum compatibility and minimum maintenance over a long operating period.

ModMAG M2000 Operation

The flow meter is a stainless steel tube lined with a non-conductive material. Outside the tube, two DC powered electromagnetic coils are positioned opposing each other. Perpendicular to these coils, two electrodes are inserted into the flow tube. Energized coils create a magnetic field across the whole diameter of the pipe.

As a conductive fluid flows through the magnetic field, a voltage is induced across the electrodes. This voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity of the fluid and is measured by the two electrodes. The M2000 amplifier receives the detector’s analog signal, amplifies that signal and converts it into digital information. At the processor level, the signal is analyzed through a series of sophisticated software algorithms. After separating the signal from electrical noise, it is converted into both analog and digital signals that are used to display rate of flow and totalization.

With no moving parts in the flow stream, there is no pressure lost. Also, accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity or density and there is practically no maintenance required.



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