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Recordall Family

Recordall Family
Recordall Disc Series meters are an accurate, cost-effective solution for your metering needs. These positive displacement meters utilize the industry-leading nutating disc technology to drive accuracy and reliability.

The Recordall Turbo Series meters are the smart choice for larger facilities. The direct-coupled turbine uses an exclusive floating rotor design that reduces bearing friction and associated wear to provide greater accuracy and a longer service life.

The Recordall Compound Series meters combine two metering technologies in one innovative package. A positive displacement chamber measures low flow, while a turbine chamber records high flow. These meters are ideal for facilities that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demand.

Recordall Fire Hydrant meters are ideal for a temporary source of water. The Recordall Fire Series meters (FSMA) and assemblies (FSAA) are ideal for dedicated and multi-use fire service applications.


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