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Badger Meter Research Control Valve (RCV)

Central California Instruments presents the Badger Meter Research Control Valve (RCV) line of precision products.

Processing plants, research facilities and government agencies worldwide rely on Research Control Valves from Badger Meter for repeatable performance and durability. Built for applications two inches or smaller, our globe, angle and sanitary valves are integral components in systems ranging from petrochemical processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

When you choose Badger Meter Research Control Valves, you are assured a market leader in control valve technology backed by more than 65 years of experience tailoring solutions for exacting field conditions.

Count on us to apply our expertise to create a highly engineered, valve solution custom-designed to match your stringent parameters. When precision means everything—when quality matters most—choose Research Control Valves.

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Badger Meter Research Control Valve SRD/SRI Valve PositionersFEATURED PRODUCTS: SRD/SRI Valve Positioners

SRD smart valve positioners deliver actionable diagnostic information about valve performance and assist compliance with fugitive emissions regulations. SRI analog valve positioners are also available. The SRD 960 (explosion-proof) and SRD 991 (intrinsically safe) digital valve positioners are economical solutions for diverse applications. An optional base model, the SRI 990, provides analog valve control. Users can easily upgrade from SRI to SRD.

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