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BelGAS is your source for:  P627, P630 High Flow Regulators, NACE, Monitor, & Flanged versions, Repair Kits & Parts interchangeable with Fisher * P50 Filter Regulator rated for Gas Service * P133, P143, P200, P600 Series Regulators * Natural Gas & Propane Regulators * P95H Pressure Reducing Regulators * P98H Back Pressure Regulators/Relief Valves * P39 High Pressure Reducing Regulators * P289 Spring-Loaded Throttling Relief Valve * P119 Control Valves * P912 Low Pressure Regulators * P52 316 SST Regulators/Filter Regulators * Needle Valves​​​​

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The BelGAS P39 regulator selection is the largest of its type in the industry. We offer this regulator in three different materials, one of which will ideally suit your application AND your budget. ALL of the P39’s are offered with six different spring ranges.

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BelGAS P630 High Flow Gas Regulator

BelGAS P630 High Flow Gas Regulator

The BelGAS P630 is a spring loaded, direct-operated regulator for high pressure, and high flow applications. The heavy duty construction, made possible by the addition of stainless steel internal components and a powder-coated epoxy exterior finish, makes it ideally suited for the oil and gas industries. All BelGAS P630 steel units meet NACE MR0175 material requirements for corrosive (sour gas) environments.

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