Fluidwell D-Series NEMA4X Panel Mount Indicators

Fluidwell NEMA4X Panel Mount Indicator

FLUIDWELL NEMA4X Panel Mount Indicator


The Fluidwell D-Series NEMA4X Panel Mount Indicator is a front panel mount indicator controller and monitoring system for measurement applications in industrial environments. It is the robust alternative for your existing non-waterproof panel meters. The unique, robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) front enclosure withstands powerful water jets and even total immersion!

Extreme waterproof!

Extreme waterproof!


  • Programming can be done by your own crew.
  • Universal input loop powered indicator.
  • Very large 1″ high digits.
  • Displays the actual value, measuring unit and loop current.
  • Selectable on-screen engineering units:
    %, PPM, meter, m, cm, mm, ft, sqft, ML, L, NL, M³, nM³, GAL, USGAL, IGAL, bbl, CUFT, mg, g, kg, ton, lb, psi, psig, mbar, bar, barg, °C, °F, K, P, RPM, K, KPA, pH, mV or no unit (others on request).
  • dseries_alarm_large

    Alarm indication

    Selectable on-screen time units for flow rate:
    /sec, /min, /hour, /day or no unit.

  • Number of digits for actual value: 5½.
  • Piegraph indication: ten segments.
  • Auto backup of all settings.
  • LED backlight option.
  • Ambient temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to 176°F).




  • Reduces installation cost.
  • Uses 2-wire 4 -2omA input current.
  • Wide range of process instruments, including: flow (linear or sqrt.), level, pressure, and temp transmitters.

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