Central California Instruments is a proud distributor of Perma-Cal Direct Drive Gauges and their full line of products.  With only one moving part, you get durable, accurate, safer instrumentation.  This provides a lower cost of ownership.  Plus Perma-Cal is manufactured in Minden, NV using only American-made parts!

Perma-Cal Gauges

Durable by design

Manufactured using Direct Drive technology, our gauges feature only one moving part; no linkages, springs, gears or liquid-fill to wear, break or leak.

  • Only one moving part
  • No liquid fill


Must See Video: Extreme Impact Test

This video was created to showcase the unmatched durability of Perma-Cal Direct Drive Pressure Gauges in contrast to traditional C-Tube type gauges. It’s time to upgrade to direct drive design. Visit for information.Gauges impacted:

Impact 1: Shot of gauge internals impacted with Baseball Bat. 4.5″ ABS Yellow Turret Case. ±1% F.S. Process Gauge. P/N 121TID07Y21

Impact 2: Primary Baseball Impact. 3.5″ Rear Flange Unpainted Aluminum Case. ±1% F.S. Process Gauge. P/N 121RID11U23-Z

Impact 3: Hockey Impact. 4.5″ ABS No Flange Blue Case. ±.25% F.S. Test Gauge. P/N 101NTM09B23

Impact 4: Golf Impact. 4.5″ Glass-Filled Nylon High-Temp Yellow Turret Case. ±.5% F.S. Process Gauge. P/N 111TID09H23



Perma-Cal: American Made & Owned

Made-In-USAProudly, our gauges are manufactured in Minden, NV using only American made parts.  Manufacturing processes not completed in house are outsourced to support local small businesses.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Only one moving part means Perma-Cal® gauges can cycle often 1,000,000 times or more without shift in calibration.

  • Priced approx. 20% below Direct Drive competitor
  • Significantly greater life at a C-Tube price


Safety Comes Standard

A very low volume elastic element , rear blowout features and a solid front case produce the safest gauge possible.

  • Low volume elastic element
  • Solid front case
  • Rear blowout features


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