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Multi-function Hand Held Calibrators – Models 850, 830, 820Elite, 820 for mA, Voltage, Frequency, RTDs, Thermocouples, pH, Continuity & Pressure * Models 434, 334+, 334 & 134 for (mA) Loop Calibrators * Model 525B Multi-function for RTDs & Thermocouples * Models 311 & 211 for RTDs * Models 422 & 322 for Thermocouples * Model 541 for Frequency * HART Compatible * NIST Traceable * Accurate * Rugged * Reliable * Easy To Use​

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PIE Calibrators An Introduction

Learn about technician friendly PIE calibrators.


PIE Calibrators Use PIE 830 to Replace Transmitter and Troubleshoot 4 20 mA Loops with LoopScope

Troubleshoot 4 to 20 milliamp transmitters and control loops with the PIE Multifunction 830 calibrator. It displays the current, voltage and resistance of a live 4 to 20 milliamp loop with PIE’s!


PIE Calibrators Multifunction Calibrators

An introduction to PIE Multifunction Calibrators with Diagnostics


PIE Calibrators RTD Calibrators

Description PIE RTD Calibrators


PIE Calibrators Thermocouple Calibrators

Introduction to PIE thermocouple calibrator line


PIE Calibrators Milliamp Loop Calibrators

An overview of PIE milliamp and voltage calibrators


Troubleshoot 4 to 20 milliamp loops with PIE Calibrator Loop Diagnostics

Find ‘hidden’ problems in 4-20 milliamp control loops caused by water in conduits or junction boxes, corrosion or other ground faults. Power up the loop with the calibrator to quickly identify uncontrolled current that is bypassing the transmitter.

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