Perma-Cal Pressure Gauges – Extreme Impact Test Video

This Extreme Impact Test video was created to showcase the unmatched durability of Perma-Cal Direct Drive Pressure Gauges in contrast to traditional C-Tube type gauges. It’s time to upgrade to direct drive design. Visit for information.

Gauges impacted:

Impact 1: Shot of gauge internals impacted with Baseball Bat. 4.5″ ABS Yellow Turret Case. ±1% F.S. Process Gauge. P/N 121TID07Y21

Impact 2: Primary Baseball Impact. 3.5″ Rear Flange Unpainted Aluminum Case. ±1% F.S. Process Gauge. P/N 121RID11U23-Z

Impact 3: Hockey Impact. 4.5″ ABS No Flange Blue Case. ±.25% F.S. Test Gauge. P/N 101NTM09B23

Impact 4: Golf Impact. 4.5″ Glass-Filled Nylon High-Temp Yellow Turret Case. ±.5% F.S. Process Gauge. P/N 111TID09H23

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